We believe that a successful human is the key to a sustainable world – that each of us have unique abilities that are to be used to build our lives and improve our world. But you can use what you don’t know…

This is where we come in…

What prepares each of us to be successful is a keen understanding of our unique abilities, passions and interests, as well as an understanding and management of our emotions. From that place, we are able to stop and notice our world, to see the places that need what we do and like best, that also improve the world. This is successful living. To achieve this requires that you learn how to be ready for life.

Ready for Life – focus on students, faculty/administration/parents

We provide support, direction and materials in the implementation of the Ready for Life Center. A collaborative approach that integrates students, administration/faculty, parents and the local community, the Ready for Life Center prepares students to be ready and successful in the world they find themselves after graduation. Click here for an outline of the Ready for Life Center concept.  Click here to request a call from our team to introduce the RFL Center approach.


Ready for Work – focus on high performing employees

We provide consulting, coaching, skills education and on-site programs for employees to advance their performance, engagement, impact and development in the workplace. Click here to see our EDGE 1 and EDGE 2 programs (EDGE=Employee Development and Growth Education). These mindfulness-based programs focus on employee and manager self-awareness, self-management, relationship building, teamwork and performance coaching. Click here for an outline of the EDGE1 and EDGE 2 programs. Click here to request a call from one of our team.


Ready for Leadership – focus on managers and leaders

We provide consulting, coaching, leadership skill education and on-site/remote programs to advance the success of management and leadership in organizations of any size. Delivered through our program, LEAP (Leadership Education Action Program), leaders are introduced to expanded self-awareness, self-management, performance attributes, strategic thinking, financial metrics and mindful problem solving. Click here for an outline of LEAP. Click here to request a call from one of our team.


Ready for Retirement – focus on retirees

We provide coaching, mentoring, skills education and materials those who are approaching retirement or actively retired. At any age, we all need to know what we are good at and passionate about, to be able to sort through our world to find things that keep us feeling important, contributing and relevant. Whether 18, 30, 55 or 80, our lives should be aligned to who we are to help continue to make our difference and our world a better place. Click here to review our Ready for Retirement program. Click here to request a call from one of our team.

The Greatness Zone coaches are certified ICF or Greatness Zone Professional Coaches. We are trained to help you define your goals, assess where you are, and provide tools, education and guidance to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Jay Forte
MBA, CPC, CGC, ELI-MP – Coach, Educator, Author, Poet

Jay Forte is a certified professional coach, author and educator specializing in maximizing performance and potential. Jay founded The Greatness Zone to provide talent, strength-based and mindfulness tools to enable everyone to discover, develop and live what is best in them. Jay’s unique mindfulness approach to coaching empowers his clients to achieve exceptional personal and professional results.

Jay is the author of Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition and The Greatness Zone – Know Yourself, Find Your Fit, Transform the World, The Hire Wisely Process and the Ready for Life Process Manual. He is the author of the Let’s Activity Together and the Let’s Read Together book series for kids, as well as several poem collections for kids and parents.

He is the co-host, along with Dr. Justin Browning, of the Ready4Life Podcast.

Leaving his initial financial executive career to follow his passion to advance the performance all employees, Jay became a corporate educator, working with organizations to activate and inspire employees at all levels to discover, develop and live their personal and professional potential. From there, he advanced to his current role as a professional coach where he coaches and trains leaders, managers, parents and students in how to bring out the best in themselves and in others and how to be ready for life in a challenging and changing world.

When not helping people discover, develop and live greatness, he writes, gardens, cooks (as any good Italian) and spends time between Connecticut and the Florida Keys.

You can find Jay on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Justin Browning
EdD, Coach, Educator, Administrator

Dr. Justin Browning, currently the COO/CFO of a family business, brings a lifetime of educational expertise to the table. Formerly the head principal of one of the largest middle schools in Jefferson City, the state capital of Missouri, he has a distinguished career dedicated to educational excellence and equity.

Certified as an equity trainer through NCCJST, Dr. Browning is also an esteemed educational researcher and speaker at national educational leadership conferences. His extensive experience working with diverse student populations in Title 1 public schools has made him a transformative figure in education, known for challenging conventional methods and achieving remarkable results with students from all backgrounds.

Driven by a passion for empowering students to realize their personal greatness through self-awareness and world understanding, Dr. Browning, alongside Jay, developed the innovative Ready for Life curriculum. This holistic educational approach equips students with the tools to discover their unique paths and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

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What are Your Strengths?


The 3AboutMe Talent Assessment is a free resource designed for anyone over the age of 14 to help identify your three core talents, along with a short list of practical every day words to help you better understand yourself. Gaining this insight early on is a profound advantage to living your best life from the start.

Talent and Performance Style Assessment

We created the Talent and Performance Style Assessment tool to help you better understand who you are at your core. This tool is used in all of our coaching and our programs on hiring and development. It is also available to everyone to easily identify their natural abilities (talents and strengths). You can’t develop and use your greatest abilities if you don’t know what they are.