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Camosse Masonry Supply Prepares the Next Generation

Learn how Camosse Masonry leveraged Executive Coaching to prepare the next generation of leaders to learn to work together.

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Labor First Responds to Exponential Growth with a New Approach to Hiring

Learn how Labor First used the Hire Wisely program to navigate hiring challenges associated with significant growth.

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Environments at Work Solidifies its Leadership Succession Planning

Learn how Environments at Work leveraged the Leader Succession Planning program to ensure the future leaders of the company are ready.

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Kay Pool and Spa Service Expands Strategic Approach to Growth

Learn how Kay Pool and Spa Service leveraged business coaching to improve every aspect of their business, from hiring to operational processes.

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Cookshack Reduces Turnover, Increases Employee Engagement and Morale 

Learn how Cookshack leveraged the Hire Wisely program to reduce turnover and create a more engaging and exciting employee experience.

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Environments at Work Establishes Greater Cohesion Among Executive Team

Learn how Environments at Work leveraged Executive Coaching to build a stronger team to efficiently and effectively manage the company’s growth.

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I worked with Kristin as a career coach for six months and I can say without a doubt, I would not be in the role I love, learning so much from a smart kind group of colleagues without her guidance and insight.

I came to Kristin unsure of what I wanted my next step to be after spending two successful years running my own marketing business. I had one toddler and another baby on the way and felt ready for a change. Through our conversations and Kristin’s exercises I was able to hone in on my desire to be in an office setting, in-house somewhere and focused on my current field. I accepted my dream role 5 months after my son was born and I genuinely love work each day. Kristin was absolutely critical to me finally articulating what I wanted, not just what I wanted to want, and zeroing in on what specific roles, companies and industries I would thrive in. I would highly recommend her as a coach for those struggling to answer “what’s next” or “what else,” and most especially, “what could be.”

-Kiley Nichols, Senior Tech Communications Professional
Career / Life Coaching

“Working with Jay was awesome. I was feeling frustrated and stuck. He worked with me to find solutions for everyday and not so everyday challenges. I gained so much insight on how my own behaviors & habits affect others. Jay provide me with tools to become a better manager and coach. Now I feel inspired and excited about my career and co-workers.”

-Chrissy Rosolowski, General Manager, Raidance MedSpa
Workplace Coaching 

I had always considered myself to be a friendly person who worked hard and got along with others, but I struggled to find the confidence to speak up and be a leader. After going through the Future Leaders program, I learned that when put into certain situations, I have it within myself to bring out those “leadership qualities” while still staying true to who I am.

A part of the Future Leaders program that helped me the most was the one-on-one coaching sessions I had with Kristin. I went into it thinking “I am not good at self-reflection and dissecting myself,” but it was during those sessions that I had so many revelations on my tendencies and the things that I do, and was able to dive a little deeper into the why. Every conversation we had was so easy and comfortable to be honest and open.

Going through this 6 month program has had a very positive impact on how I look at myself and my career aspirations.

-Nicole Guilmette, EAW
Leadership Succession Program

From the owner of our company to the colleagues I manage, they’ve all shared with me that since I started my coaching sessions with Jay, they’ve seen a positive change in my management style. I am better able to work through difficult situations with my peers and clients with less anxiety, and the majority of the time, we can come to a resolution that everyone can be pleased with. Working the steps Jay has taught me has made a huge difference and I highly recommend his coaching.

-Theresa Bell, VP, Member Services, Labor First
High-Impact Managers Program

I knew Kristin as a colleague and friend prior to working with her as a coach. While I always knew her to be organized, driven and direct, I was especially impressed in our new relationship how she took those qualities and was able to help me find direction when my compass had felt broken. I’d struggled in a few professional roles that had not been a fit for me and I was embarking on another job search. Kristin kept me focused on my own needs (as well as those of my family) and came to each call with a vision and mission to help me achieve my goals. She kept me focused and accountable and I am so grateful for the work we did together.

-Karen Reynolds, Director of Agency Relations, Issuer Direct Corporation
Career / Life Coaching

Going into the Future Leaders program, I expected to learn about new business practices and techniques. I quickly realized that this program offered so much more. The program builds off of your strengths and helps you recognize and address your liabilities. It provides the foundation and confidence needed to become an effective leader. The program has also helped me personally, and has changed the way that I approach life.

The program has conditioned me to act with purpose.

The short amount of time invested in this program will provide a lifetime of guidance.

-Cory Young, Project Manager, Integrated at Work
Leadership Succession Program

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