Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition

The Book and Implementation Manual

Most organizations are still struggling to build and sustain an engaged and talented workforce. Statistics show that nearly 70% of employees are disengaged – they do just enough to not get fired. The result? The bottom line suffers. Service suffers. Employee morale suffers and turnover can be high.

Most organizations blame this on a changed work ethic in today’s Millennials. But in reality, it comes from a lack of successful role alignment. Employees can’t perform at their best, develop confidence, competence, feel engaged and choose to stay if their jobs or roles don’t align with their talents, strengths, interests and unique abilities. 

The Fire Up! Process

Fire Up! presents a step-by-step process to help you attract, hire, engage, develop and retain today’s best today. More than 400 CEOs and HR Senior Directors have been introduced to this process each year for the past 6 years. Learning how to bring in the right talent is the first step in developing an engaged and high-performance workplace. Be sure you have a process that consistently and successfully hires the right employees. Learn how with the tools and process provided in Fire Up! Your Employees

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Beyond the Book

Tools and activities to help you learn the Fire Up! Process

The Fire Up! process goes beyond reading the book. The tools and activities included below are designed to enhance the content in the book to put ideas into practice. Follow the prompts in the book to know when to access each of these tools and activities at the right time.

Good luck and Fire Up! your employees.

Action Plan

Chapter 1: Invite the Best – Create an Employee-Focused Workplace Culture

Chapter 2: How You Spark – Understand the Role of Talents and Strengths in Performance

Chapter 3: Define What You Need – The Talent Matrix

Chapter 4: Find the Right Employees – Develop a Robust Sourcing Strategy

Chapter 5: Hire the Best – A Progressive Interview Process

Chapter 6: Find Out What You Need to Know – The Interview and Talent-Based Questions

Chapter 7: You Hired the Best – Create a Powerful On-Boarding Process to Hook Your New Employee

Chapter 8: Activate Owner Thinking – Customized Roles and Performance Expectations

Chapter 9: Speak to Me About Today – Using Powerful Performance Feedback and Coaching

Chapter 10: Speak to Me About Tomorrow – Career Conversations and Performance Development