Attract and Hire the Right Fit Employee from the Start

The process to attract and hire employees requires a lot of resources from an organization. From time spent reviewing resumes to time spent interviewing, it can be frustrating when a new hire ends up not being a fit for the role or the organization’s culture.

But what if you could cut down the number of irrelevant resumes and interview only those who are a fit?

The Program

The Hire Wisely program retrains organizations’ hiring teams to define and focus on the behavioral requirements of the role, and to source and interview talent based on that clearly defined criteria. The process follows 4 steps:

  1. Define the tasks of the role and the performance attributes required for its success.
  2. Source talent through both conventional and unconventional means.
  3. Interview candidates using both behavioral-based questions and the Prove-it-to-Me (activity-based) Interview.
  4. Create a successful pre-boarding and on-boarding plan to activate new employee energy, performance and loyalty.

"We noticed results immediately."

“The Hire Wisely Process has completely changed the way we hire and we noticed results immediately. We’ve already implemented the Performance Profile approach instead of job descriptions for the roles we most commonly hire for and we’re working on the others so every role at Labor First will have a clear summary of not only what the role requires, but what it takes for someone to be successful in that role.”

– Jacqueline Pontarelli, VP Human Resources at Labor First
Hire Wisely Program

Benefits of the Program:

After implementing the program, our clients have recognized:

  • Increased employee productivity and performance
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved hiring effectiveness
  • Improved hiring time efficiency and reduction in hiring costs
  • Decreased average monthly and yearly employee turnover rates

An added benefit to the Program is you will be trained to use and understand the Talent and Performance Style Assessment. The Assessment offers behavior-based insights to define performance success attributes of a role, allowing organizations to be more efficient in their hiring process as well as providing greater development and career advancement opportunities for existing employees.