Need Help With…

  • Dealing with workplace performance challengecoachings and issues
  • Becoming more entrepreneurial and more opportunity-focused
  • Identifying and dealing with personal limitations and performance challenges
  • Creating an employee-focused and coaching workplace culture
  • Defining a clear vision and establishing organizational values
  • Developing or refining character, trust and ethics
  • Mentoring, guiding and activating managers
  • Creating unity, cohesion, purposeful work and legacy

My Leadership Coaching Philosophy

“Inspiring others to show up, step up and stand out in all they do” 

To lead requires strength of character, the ability to create and sustain trust, provide exceptional care for people, commit to continual improvement and maintain a relentless focus on excellence.

Tapping in to your inner leader is not about your role. It is about who you choose to be in every aspect and every moment of your life. Learning to be self-aware and self-managed creates the ability to successfully gather information in work and life, wisely consider the options, choose directions with intention and consistently and successfully execute ideas, plans and strategies.

Self-awareness and world-awareness are key for all successful leaders. Establishing a clear personal inventory of performance assets and liabilities is key to acting as a wise leader. Actively understanding and participating in an expansive view of the workplace and world is key to idea and opportunity creation. Combined, they guide today’s best leaders to show up, step up and stand out.

Tap Into Your Inner Leader

5 Behaviors of Today’s Best Leaders

You don’t need a leadership title to act like a leader. True leadership is about performance character and moral character. Both can be developed.

Tap Into Your Inner Leader will teach you about the five behaviors of today’s best leaders to help and empower you to show up as a leader in both work and life.

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A coach is only as good as the progress he helps his clients achieve…

“As a leadership coach, Jay has the ability to dig deeply into performance and strategy issues to inspire sound discussions that develop clear and successful actions.  He is able to continually provide ways to help me see and consider things that were previously out of view to improve my leadership abilities and to improve the success of my company.”

Brett Linquist, CEO, The Mortgage Firm


“We hired Jay to work with our HR Manager, helping to build our recruiting and evaluation process.  Since then Jay has become our performance development coach and we joke, our “corporate psychologist”.  He is currently working with each manager helping them to understand themselves and how to best use their strengths and avoid “old habits” in leading their teams.  Jay has become an indispensable part of our organization as we transition away from traditional management methodologies to a “Coaching Model”. He is an outstanding performance coach.”

Ken Patrick, President and CEO, Environments at Work