Supporting schools in how to teach their students to know themselves,

know their world and find their fit.


To be successful in life requires a deep understanding of who we are and what affects us as humans. We have unique abilities, passions and interests – our inner greatness – that serve as our inventory to use as we encounter life. And, as emotional beings, we use our emotions to navigate the stressful and non-stressful situations we encounter in our life’s moments. Learning how to discover and develop our unique abilities and learning to identify and manage our emotions – to more calmly connect with and sort through change and challenge that accompanies our world – is what it takes to be ready for life – to find our place, contribute our value and make our world better.

Ready for Life Student Program and Ready for Life Center

The Ready for Life Student program is a school-hosted, parent-supported life process and program that is hosted in high schools and integrates with the current school curricula. The RFL Process first starts with Discovery, helping all students discover and develop their abilities, passions, interests and values. With this information, they are then introduced to the second part of the program, Exploration, as they are introduced to the needs, challenges and opportunities of today’s world and the world they will be part of at and after graduation. This approach prepares students to be find their fit, make their impact and improve the world. This approach is delivered through the Ready for Life Center, an on-site resources for all students that coordinates their Discovery and Exploration components, helping them become ready for life.

Take the 3AboutMe Talent Assessment

To get you started in discovering your abilities, take our free 3AboutMe Talent Assessment to identify your three top talents, along with a short list of practical everyday words to help you better understand yourself. 

Once you know this, you can begin to sort through your world for the places that need what you like and do best. Think of the possibilities!

*Applicable for anyone 14 or older.

Life Guiding Coaching Programs

We offer our specific life guiding programs on the following topics:



Start with you. Recognize your strengths. Work through your blocks. Overcome your challenges. You don’t always have to love what happens in life, but with some guidance, you can always see new possibilities, options and opportunities.

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Now What?


You can’t always control what happens in life, but you can control your response. Whether surprised by life or ready for the next chapter, whether 15, 40, 60 or 80 years old, land on your feet and make life the best it can be.

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A coach is only as good as the progress they help their clients achieve

“The most remarkable thing happened in coaching. I finally realized who I was and developed the courage to make some significant life changes. Accepting myself and seeing myself as ‘fine as I am’ helped me clearly defined what I want for me, my career and my relationships. I now know where I am headed. Thank you, Jay.”
Jonathan S. – college student

“Jay has the ability to silence the nay-saying voices in your head and show you purpose. He can show you opportunities, you didn’t see and make you want to learn more about your potential. Not just a ‘success’ coach, but a human coach that can help you see life’s challenges in a positive way.”
Kim H. – Non-profit professional


“When my youngest daughter left for college, I found myself with a lot of time and no direction, no clarity of what I liked and who I was. Working with Jay helped me find my passions and abilities, and now have reinvented myself in a way that gets me excited to get out of bed each day.”
Marie M. – Homemaker and entrepreneur