Developing the Next Generation of High-Performing Leaders

The future of your organization is something you work hard on every day. You want to see it succeed. You want it to grow. You want it to reach, achieve and exceed milestones.

But do achieve this, you need to have the right employee in each role at every level and strong leadership, both now and in the future.

The Program

The Leader Succession Planning program trains your top performers to become the next generation of successful future leaders of your organization.

The 6-month Program guides participants in gaining greater self-awareness to use and manage their leadership abilities. They also learn how to activate performance in others and to understand and participate in all of the areas of the business, gaining practice for when their time for a leadership role arrives.

"When you allow them the time and space to grow, the results are amazing.”

“Jay was fantastic adjusting the content to align to our language [and] every Future Leaders graduate has shown up in a way that honestly surprised me. They know who they are. They’re more comfortable with who they are. They know their strengths, they know what they need to work on, and they’re open about those areas they need to work on. They are more willing to speak up with senior leadership and the management team when they see an issue or have an idea. They just show up in an entirely new way.”

-Ken Patrick, CEO, Environments at Work
Leader Succession Planning Program (“Future Leaders”)

Benefits of the Program:

The Program is customizable to reflect your core values, corporate culture and learner work schedules.

Participants will develop:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management (a.k.a. self-regulation)
  • Ability to think and act as workplace coaches (Mindful management)
  • Proficiency in all areas of running a successful business, including strategy, financials, sales, service, entrepreneurial thinking and operations (Mindful leadership)

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