Learn How to Effectively Hire and Manage the Work-From-Home Employee

In today’s hyper-connected world, a decreasing number of employees are required to physically show up for work under their organization’s roof. And after the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have shown they are capable of doing their work from somewhere other than the office.

So how do you accommodate this shift in the workforce with the peace of mind that your employees are getting the job done without feeling like a micro-manager?

The Program

The How to Effectively Hire and Manage Remote Employees program teaches organizations an approach to hiring, engaging, activating and inspiring the best performance from remote employees.

Today’s remote employees don’t need micro-management; they need to be engaged and held accountable, and they need to be aligned to the right job and regularly engage with a workplace coach.

The Benefits:

This program has several significant benefits, including:

  • Creating an improved hiring process, resulting in more capable and competent remote employees
  • Improving employee accountability developed from clear performance expectations and performance reporting
  • Recognizing greater employee contribution, participation and entrepreneurial thinking
  • Creating a more supportive and performance-driven workplace culture

VIDEO: Watch 3 Ways to Engage Your Remote Employees

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