Shift from Managing to Workplace Coaching


Employee engagement, productivity, performance and retention is driven by the quality of relationships with managers?

We all perform better with – and for – those who make time for us, specifically those who encourage, guide, support and develop us. Train your managers to think and act like coaches. Results will always show improvement.

The Program

The High-Impact Manager Program trains your managers to shift from managing to workplace coaching.

The program focuses on awareness, self-discovery and self-management tools and techniques, along with an easy-to-learn coaching process to train managers how to think and act like a workplace coach.

According to The Gallup Organization, the shift from managing to coaching is the single most important talent initiative every organization should be working on.

"This program...empowered me to be the best person and employee I can be."

“Jay Forte and the program I completed is a 10/10. Jay not only provided us with the road map to success and getting to the core of being a better manager, he provided the tools to stay on track. The Forte Factor has shown me the importance in self-evaluation, educated me on my impact on others, coached me on how to stay focused and productive, and empowered me to be the best person and employee I can be. The tools and new knowledge that I have taken from this program will follow me through life.”

-Madeline Foster, Client Service Director, Labor First
High-Impact Manager Program

Benefits of the Program:

Today’s most productive managers create an ask-and-engage environment, encouraging stronger manager-employee relationships built through greater dialogue, development and growth. Participants in the program have seen a greater ability to:

  • Create an engaging and supportive working environment
  • Attract and retain top talent and top performers
  • Solidify your position as an employer of choice
  • Amplify performance and organizational results

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