Test Before You Invest with an Activities-based Interview

The purpose of an interview is to gather enough information to determine whether to hire.

This means an interview is an information-gathering and sharing event. It must provide both the organization and the candidate with enough of the right information for each party to make an informed decision about the job opportunity.

The Program

The Prove-it-to-Me Interview program teachers organizations to interview differently, giving job candidates the opportunity to share what they know, how they think and use their skill levels in the actual completion of activities that are meaningful to the job and the organization.

The Benefits:

Incorporating the Prove-it-to-Me Interview into your organization’s hiring process can present significant benefits including:

  • Developing greater clarity about the actual performance attributes required to be successful in any role
  • Developing an evidence-based approach to assessing job candidates
  • Developing a way to have enough of the right information to wisely assess and evaluate any job

Hiring the right employees is critical for the success of any business. Ensure your interview approach clearly and accurately assesses the required attributes needed to identify the right fit to achieve success in every role.

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