Where are You on the Talent Grid?

The Talent and Performance Style Assessment is one of our most powerful (and affordable) tools for identification of talents and strengths – used in self-awareness, self-discovery, hiring, role realignment, career alignment and other applications that require awareness of one’s core abilities.

In the workplace, this Assessment helps organizations determine whether job candidates have the core talents and unique abilities needed to be successful in the job. It is also effective in helping to realign employees to roles that are a better fit. This tool is leveraged in many of our Corporate Programs, including Hire Wisely and the Prove-it-to-Me Interview.

In life, this Assessment provides you with language around your most significant talents and strengths, a critical component to self-awareness and self-discovery. Once you know your core talents and strengths, you can better connect with the things in work and life that need what you do and like best. This significantly improves your confidence and the quality of your decisions.

The online Assessment takes approximately 15 minutes and requires you to make selections between attributes presented as being “most like you” to “least like you.”

At the end of the Assessment, you will receive a  report that summarizes your Performance Personality (how your personality guides your performance) and your 4 Primary Talents (your most significant strengths and unique abilities).

You must know your unique abilities, your talents and strengths, to choose wisely in work and life. Discover your talents and performance style with the Talent and Performance Style Assessment.


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